Art, on boundaries

Looking the part (2013)

A series of photographs printed using old photographic processes (cyanotype & gum arabic printing), hand-bound in an accordion book.

This project stems from exploring where the line is drawn between ourselves and others. Can we ever fully become just like someone else, and what would that look and feel like?

I asked five of my friends to dress me up as themselves: in their clothes, at a location they frequent, and positioned in a pose of their choosing. I asked people to imagine themselves, the most quintessential version of themselves, and arrange me in that image. 

These photographs are an attempt to understand individuality, and wondering what the difference is between looking like something, wanting to be something, and actually being something. Each portrait is paired with an object, the most sentimental and precious object he or she owns, and text written by the person about why the object is special or significant to him or her.


80 days of letting go (2013)

A project where, for 80 days, I gave away something I own anonymously each day.

Every day from the months of February to May (minus days out of town and sick days), I gave away an object in the same public space. A gesture in exploring value, I question which objects are truly of value to me and where that value comes from. I force myself to confront when objects of value to me aren't of value to others, and when others re-value things I discarded. 

Self-imposed restrictions:

  1. Nothing I would willingly throw away
  2. Nothing perishable (ie: food)
  3. Nothing can be purchased for the purpose of giving away


glimpse (2012)

A hand-bound book constructed by pairing found notes with found photographs to form snapshots into the lives of strangers.