Hello! I'm Minnar.


I traverse the in-between spaces: weaving visual communication and social research, a practitioner in both digital and analog tools. I'm most passionate about human-centered design for social issues, the public sector, and international development. I believe firmly in the work of grassroots leaders, ordinary people, and recognizing where things have been in order to imagine where we could go. 

I was raised outside Los Angeles, California but learned to grow roots in a place while in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an interdisciplinary degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Art, and Psychology in 2015 and continued on as a 5th Year Scholar in 2015-2016 to dig into the intersections of design, history, and anthropology in social change. 

Currently, I live in Toronto working as a Design Consultant at Doblin, the design and innovation practice within Deloitte.

If you think we have something in common, let's get together. I love a good conversation over endless cups of tea.