I thrive in the intersections of... 



I love being on the cusp of a new discovery. My training is a blend of ethnographic methods, social psychology research, and evaluative user testing of technology concepts and products. My fascination with how and why people behave and make sense of their contexts drives everything I do. I bias towards immersive fieldwork whenever possible, but am endlessly curious about research methods. 


Design is more to me than the production of visual delight - it is a way to craft meaningful experiences, tell stories, and draw attention to what's important. My background  spans interaction design, service design, data visualization, graphic design, illustration, and a myriad of skills in fine art – bringing a spirit of thoughtfulness and play throughout. Digitally and tangibly, I visualize, prototype, situate, and analyze. 



I'm driven by the bigger picture and find myself continually reflecting and reassessing. My interest in strategy began when I facilitated strategic development for student leaders of civic / service organizations and was invited to be involved in my university's Strategic Plan process. Principally, I'm drawn to strategic questions of how we might orchestrate the purpose we hope to have and the change we wish to see.